Gene Bio Medical Announces a Major Partnership with HI3 for the PREPARED Project

Gene Biotechnology Enterprises Ltd., which also goes by the name Gene Bio Medical, is pleased to make the announcement of its strategic relationship with the Canadian Hub for Health Intelligence and Innovation in Infectious Diseases (HI3). This partnership is an important component of a larger-scale endeavour that is being carried out under the banner of “Pandemic preparedness engaging primary care and emergency departments (PREPARED).”

Dr. Andrew Pinto, who is also an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, is the person in charge of the project. He is also the founder and director of the Upstream Lab. Dr. Pinto has extended an invitation to Gene Bio Medical to collaborate with him o the commercialization and manufacturing components of the initiative, which seeks to involve primary care and emergency departments in all 6 Canadian provinces. The project marks a big step towards increasing pandemic preparedness with its four-pronged mission, which aims to integrate point-of-care tests, improve surveillance, link patients to trials, and accelerate the discovery of diagnostics.

HI3 is a coalition of academic, hospital, research networks, industry, government, not-for-profit, and community partners, including the University of Toronto. It is one of the five hubs that evaluate R&D projects for the Canada Biomedical Research Fund (CBRF) and the Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (BRIF). HI3 is one of the hubs evaluating R&D projects for these two funds. It is tasked with the responsibility of enhancing Canada’s biomanufacturing capability through joint efforts, with the goal of ensuring a prompt and coordinated response to potential future pandemics and infectious hazards to health.

The agreement sheds emphasis on the extraordinary value that Gene Bio Medical brings to the table in terms of commercialization and production. Gene Bio Medical will hasten the development and implementation of breakthrough diagnostic solutions as a direct result of the important contribution it makes towards the project’s fourth goal.

Within the context of the CBRF/BRIF program, this agreement represents Gene Bio Medical’s third collaboration of this nature. The company’s image as a reliable partner for the commercialization and production of breakthrough medical solutions is further cemented as it continues to get requests for its services from the most prominent research and development organizations.

Gene Bio Medical’s Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Hu, made the following statement: “We are proud to collaborate with HI3 and contribute to the PREPARED project.” Our dedication in participating in activities run by the CBRF and BRIF program is evidence of our dedication to promoting progress in the field of global health solutions”.

Gene Biotechnology Enterprises Ltd., operating as Gene Bio Medical, is a leader in the field of biomedical commercialization and manufacturing. The company represents a “Made in Canada” opportunity for the manufacture of innovative medical products. As the primary commercial and biomanufacturing partner, Gene Bio Medical takes the lead in the pandemic preparedness for Canadian people. Their involvement in major research projects underlines their commitment to the development of ground breaking technologies and products that can positively impact global health.

Gene Bio Medical is a biotechnology innovator with demonstrated commercialization capability in the Life Sciences industry. As a fast-growing biomedical company with its own manufacturing lines, Gene Bio Medical collaborates with worldwide partners and universities to provide global healthcare professionals and customers with the latest leading-edge technologies that help improve health and quality of life, revolutionizing healthcare. The company has a mission is to provide the world with the best possible diagnostic solutions to enable them to diagnose and prevent potential health issues. Gene Bio Medical strives to be the market leader in providing high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective, and reliable products that are accessible to everyone.