Gene Bio Medical to Boost Biomedical Advancements as Commercialization Partner in SFU-led Initiative

Gene Biotechnology Enterprises Ltd., doing business as Gene Bio Medical, is thrilled to announce that it has been selected as the commercialization business partner for an innovative research initiative led by esteemed RNA biochemistry expert, Professor Peter Unrau of Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Dr. Unrau’s dedicated team of nine SFU researchers is spearheading an initiative entitled “Sensitive and Accurate Diagnostics for Pandemic Response and Environmental testing” under the auspices of the Canada Biomedical Research Fund (CBRF) and the Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund (BRIF). This ambitious endeavor seeks to redefine the landscape of diagnostic technologies. The initiative is focused on bolstering global readiness for future pandemics and expediting the translation of pivotal research findings into commercially viable products.

As a crucial part of this initiative, Gene Bio Medical will lend its expertise and capabilities to the commercialization and manufacturing aspects of these potentially groundbreaking technologies. Gene Bio Medical’s involvement will ensure that the scientific breakthroughs achieved by the research team can be effectively transitioned into practical, commercially viable solutions.

The integrated program coordinated by the Canadian Institute for Experimental Biomedical Hub (CIEBH) is part of a national endeavour. CIEBH is one of five hubs, coordinating research and infrastructure project submissions toward a share of $570M in federal funding from the CBRF program.

This partnership underscores Gene Bio Medical’s commitment to supporting and facilitating biomedical advancements in Canada and around the globe. The company is proud to be collaborating with Simon Fraser University, playing a vital role in the translation of important biomedical research into practical solutions that can positively impact global health.

About Gene Bio Medical: Gene Biotechnology Enterprises Ltd., operating as Gene Bio Medical, is a leader in the field of biomedical commercialization and manufacturing. Their involvement in major research projects underlines their commitment to the development of groundbreaking technologies and products that can positively impact global health.”

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