The necessity of correct diagnosis and reasonable avoidance of allergens

  • Assist in the diagnosis of diseases caused by various allergic factors
  • Correlational classification of disease – endogenous or exogenous
  • Assist to guide children at high risk of allergy to add supplementary food
  • Guide patients’ life management to ensure reasonable symptomatic drug use
  • Monitor hyperexposure status and disease progression in allergic patients
  • Understand your allergy risk or status to improve your quality of life

Microfluidic chips lead inspection technology innovation

GENE BIO MEDICAL’s microfluidic chip technology is an efficient, fast, accurate and automated latest detection platform technology that can miniaturize the entire reaction process onto a single chip. The combination of microfluidic chip and high-sensi-tivity chemical light detection technology realizes a series of high-throughput, multi-joint inspection, automation, low-pollution and high-accuracy diagnostic products.

One platform, endless possibilities

The open microfluidic chip platform can realize automatic detection of various target DNA, RNA, polypeptide fragments, proteins and cytokines. It is convenient to customize and meets the needs of rapid clinical diagnosis and scientific research.

Four key technologies promote the advent of series products

Microphase channel ‘etch’ technology

Protein Microarray Technology

Active Pneumatic Micropump Technology

Chemiluminescence detection technology

Digital tests

We are actively developing advanced technologies to manufacture digital tests that provide enhanced accuracy and reliable results. These innovative tests can be utilized for diagnosing diseases in both humans and animals.

Key features of digital tests include:

Digital Display:

Digital tests feature a clear digital display that provides a straightforward result, such as “positive” or “negative” eliminating the need for interpreting faint lines or symbols.

Accurate & Rapid Results:

Digital tests offer high levels of accuracy, rapid and real-time results, providing users with prompt information about the status of the disease. Some tests can provide results in as little as 15 minutes.

Remote Monitoring:

Digital tests often integrate with smartphone apps or online platforms that enable remote monitoring and reporting of test results. This facilitates streamlined medical support and enhances overall healthcare initiatives.

Connectivity and Data Tracking:

Connected digital tests can securely transmit test results and relevant data to healthcare providers or public health authorities, facilitating data tracking, analysis, and patient care efforts.