About Us

Innovation. Advancement. Revolutionizing Healthcare.

At Gene Bio Medical, we are passionate about offering innovative screening solutions that are focused on the prevention and early detection of diseases and inherited genetic conditions. We specialize in developing cutting-edge molecular diagnostic tests that utilize the latest technologies and are designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable results.

Our vision is to provide everyone with the best possible testing solutions that enable people to diagnose and prevent potential health issues. Aligning with our mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry, we strive to be the market leader in providing high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective, and reliable products that are accessible to everyone.

Research and Development

Gene Bio Medical is Canada’s first innovative diagnostic manufacturer with FDA and GMP accredited facility. We are preferred vendor of the federal government of Canada, US, UK, and HK SAR. We focus on developing reliable and high-quality testing technologies to help healthcare systems overcome this pandemic and prevent outbreaks in the future.

Fast, reliable, and accurate testing. This is our commitment to the world and we are a forward-thinking company that builds cutting edge healthcare innovation and focuses on growing biomanufacturing capacity.

Growth Strategy

Gene Bio Medical has achieved positive net present value with a comprehensive IP portfolio. Our competitive advantages include:

1. Tested technology feasibility;

2. Track record of financial performance;

3. Proven ability to scale manufacturability;

4. Existing collaborations with ecosystem partners;

5. Demonstrated attractive unit economics;

6. Validate market demand with clients’ orders.

The company’s approach to scaling its business involves utilizing market trends and commercial sales research, connecting with innovators for commercialization, client acquisition and retention, and continuous localization.

We have a healthcare value chain that includes raw materials supply, research & development, manufacturing, commercialization, and global sales networks.

Fulfillment Manufacturing

Gene Bio Medical is an advanced biomanufacturing in Canada, by using advanced technologies and engineering approaches to automatically manufacture nanotechnology diagnostic products in a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable manner. It encompasses a range of technologies, including genetic engineering, cell culture, fermentation, and downstream processing, and aims to optimize the entire production process, from the initial design and development of the nano biomarker diagnostic products to its large-scale commercial production.

Regulatory & Licensing Consulting

Gene Bio Medical provides consulting services for global partners:

  • Clinical Trial Applications
  • Site Regulatory Compliance Applications
  • Medical Device Product Submissions and Applications (MDL)
  • Medical Device Establishment Licence

We help ensure that your facility complies with GMP regulations and ISO, facilitate and maintain your facility license by updating, modifying, and notifying Health Canada, FDA, CE of any changes.

Our Mission

Our Commitment

Our Strength

We aim to provide advanced transformative innovative solutions to improve human health and response capabilities towards a variety of diseases and to prevent future spread of infectious diseases globally.

Reinforce resiliency of Canadian biomanufacturing and medical supply chain. Build lasting impacts on Canadian economy and healthcare ecosystem.

Empowering women leaders in tech, Gene Bio Medical is a disruptive biotech company that focuses on ESG and sustainable growth.

Over 120 Strategic Business Partners Over the World