Al Abaie, M.D.

Dr. Al Abaie, MD

Board Observer,Former Chairman and Founder of Ana Aim in the UAE

Al Abaie is an accomplished professional with a demonstrated history of success in the international trade and development industry. With a career marked by leadership and a broad skill set, Al is recognized for his expertise in Corporate Governance, Project Coordination, Sales, Marketing, and Corporate Finance. He is a dedicated business development professional committed to driving growth and success.

Professional Experience:

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships at MDBriefCase, Al has been instrumental in driving the organization’s strategic initiatives, contributing to its continued success. His role involves building and fostering key partnerships, enabling the company to thrive in the dynamic healthcare industry.

Additionally, Al serves as a Board Observer for Gene Bio Medical (Gene Biotechnology Enterprises Ltd.) in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. His keen observation and insights are valuable to the board in its decision-making processes.

As a Board Member at Lupus Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, Al plays a significant role in supporting the organization’s mission and goals.

Previously, Al held a pivotal position at Ecovigor Inc in Toronto, Ontario, where he served as the Founder and Chairman of the Board. His leadership and vision have driven the company’s growth over the years.

Al also served as the Founder & CEO of Ecovigor Inc, where his strategic guidance and leadership were instrumental in the company’s achievements.

His commitment to the healthcare sector is further evident in his role as a Board Member for the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative in Canada.

Al’s career also includes serving as the Chairman and Founder of Ana Aim in the UAE, where he made significant contributions to the organization’s success over the course of 11 years.

He has also held the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board at Ana Darou in the UAE, where his leadership spanned 8 years and 8 months.

Additionally, Al’s career journey includes serving as the CEO of Darman Ara Co., where he made substantial contributions to the company’s growth and success over 4 years and 6 months.

Al Abaie’s diverse professional background and wealth of experience make him a distinguished leader in the fields of international trade, healthcare, and business development. His strong corporate governance, project coordination, and strategic acumen have contributed to his success in various roles throughout his career.