Debora Marchese

Debora Marchese

Board Observer,International Sales Manager,Board Member, Translating life science into technology

Debora Marchese is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a remarkable track record in international business development and the healthcare industry. Her career is marked by significant achievements in various roles, from sales management to board membership, showcasing her exceptional leadership and expertise.

Debora’s professional journey began to gain momentum when she joined RBC Bioscience Corp. as an International Sales Representative. Here, she made her first significant impact, contributing to the company’s growth and expanding its reach in the biomedical instruments and reagents market. Her marketing prowess and business acumen played pivotal roles in RBC Bioscience Corp.’s expansion into the American and North European markets.

In the role of Head of International Sales and Director, Debora led sales, marketing, and customer service teams at RBC Bioscience U.K. Ltd. Her tenure was marked by impressive achievements, including exceeding sales targets and establishing the subsidiary company, RBC Bioscience U.K. Ltd. This accomplishment underscored her ability to drive business development and customer service simultaneously.

Debora’s career also took her to Taiwan, where she held significant roles in various organizations. As International Sales and Marketing Manager at Karma Global Ltd., she assumed leadership of the sales and marketing departments, overseeing teams in China and Taiwan. Her managerial skills and strategic vision allowed her to navigate complex international markets successfully.

At GAMBICA, the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation, and Laboratory Technology in the UK, Debora joined the Board of Directors. Her appointment as a board member reflects her stature in the industry and her commitment to advancing the field. GAMBICA benefits from her valuable insights and influence, contributing to the growth and competitiveness of its members.

Debora Marchese’s career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, her global perspective, and her passion for healthcare. Through her various roles, she has made a lasting impact on the companies and industries she’s been a part of, contributing significantly to their growth and success. Her journey continues to inspire those who aspire to achieve excellence in international business and healthcare.