Nate Payne

Dr. Nate Payne

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Payne has an M.Sc in Computer Science (Interactive Intelligence) from The Georgia Institute of Technology, an M.Sc in statistics from SFU, and his Ph.D. work is in information studies (artificial intelligence), at the iSchool within the UBC. Over the last 10 years, he has been involved in overseeing marketing, intelligence, and business development projects spanning 6 continents and 40 countries,  generated over $100MM in revenue.

Dr. Nate Payne is a business, marketing & technology leader, CTO / CISO / COO, AI & information systems research & practitioner, statistician, and with 15 years of global experience. He design and build intelligent platforms, lead global technology and business teams & companies, and connect business with technology to deliver results.

Dr. Nate Payne has experience working as an executive, CTO & CISO leading global digital transformation, global IT operations, marketing, and digital strategy across multiple continents. He has a proven track record solving complex problems for both internal & external customers using analytics insights derived from intelligent machines. He also has extensive experience leading global eCommerce businesses and teams through the development of pricing, merchandising, and competitive intelligence tools and strategies that enable customers and sales teams to win, have experience supporting the movement of products around the world using data driven freight solutions, and experience leading teams that have built and managed a connected cloud that is the backbone of multiple organization’s digital enterprise. He has also led & supported multiple organization’s rapid expansion into new technology and analytics areas, enabling global digital transformation!