Ron Calliou

Ron Calliou

VP, Manufacturing Management

Ron Calliou, a progressive Senior Technology Executive with over 25 years of manufacturing expertise, renowned for taking an agile and adaptive approach, while acknowledging the rapid pace of technological advancements that transform operations and fuel growth. He is a strategic leader, aligning technology with manufacturing goals to achieve exceptional results.

Ron has provided thoughtful leadership in cost optimization, efficiency improvements, and risk management.

Ron played a pivotal role in overhauling a custom-home manufacturer’s approach to inventory control and analytics through a custom-built ERP implementation. His keen eye for technical interfaces and network modernization that helped future-proof the company’s operations.

Ron established a customer-service-oriented culture when it came to change management using technology, this was crucial in bridging the gap between end-users and technical support, while educating teams on new digital processes and functionalities.

His expertise in architecting disaster-recovery systems and ensuring system availability mitigates risks and maintains uninterrupted manufacturing processes.

Ron’s manufacturing acumen and innovative technology solutions will drive efficiency, be transformative and impact the strategic vision of the manufacturing operations under his guidance.