RSV Is Surging: What We Know about This Common and Surprisingly Dangerous Virus – Your questions answered about what RSV is, how it spreads, what vaccines are on the way and who is most at risk

RSV is the leading cause of bronchiolitis—inflammation of the lung’s small airways. In infants, and the virus is so common that nearly all children have encountered it by their second birthday.

New strain BQ. Speed up! A Triple pandemic is a reality! 2-year-old boy infected with 3 viruses at the same time high fever 40 degrees + hallucinations!

With three viruses at once, Canadian health officials have begun to warn that the new strains, BQ.1 and BQ.1.1, are spreading fast. “We are now seeing combinations of many viruses that are putting a lot of strain on the health care system.”

Monkeypox cases are plummeting. Scientists are debating why- Models suggests rising immunity in a small group of people with many sexual contacts is key

“They might be reluctant to be confirmed and be told not to go out at all,” says Catherine Smallwood, monkeypox incident manager at the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Regional Office for Europe. “We’re seeing a true decline,” Smallwood says.

Living with long Covid: Dr Anthony Fauci: long Covid is an ‘insidious’ public health emergency – America’s top disease expert speaks to the Guardian about the dangers of long Covid and urges US Congress to avoid complacency

Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, has warned against prematurely declaring victory over the pandemic, not only due to short-term needs but because long Covid represents an “insidious” public health emergency for millions of people.

Industry Leader in Biotechnology Research, Gene Bio Medical Helps Create a Path to the Future of Innovation in Health.

Biotechnology research company, Gene Bio Medical participated as a VIP Sponsor at the 22nd Annual Healthcare Summit September 22 & 23, 2022 in Vancouver, BC. The summit attracted leaders, innovators & educators. The top tier national and international decision makers in healthcare policy and administration

Gene Bio Medical Among Major Sponsors At Annual Healthcare Summit

Gene Bio Medical Among Major Sponsors At Annual Healthcare Summit.

Biotechnology research company Gene Bio Medical has announced that it will participate as a VIP Sponsor at the upcoming 22nd Annual Healthcare Summit.


Preparing for the Next Pandemic: The Monkeypox – 3 test kits developed by Gene Bio Medical are expected to roll out in soon future

While the COVID-19 pandemic is now largely under control and public-health restrictions are eased in most countries, the unexpected outbreak of monkeypox has thwarted the people’s plan of returning to a normal life. As of mid-June 2022…


Knowing your COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits: OTC, POC, and Lab-Based

You may be wondering what does OTC/POC/Lab-Based mean in your COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits. It is actually…

COVID-19 Omicron and the Subvariant BA.2

According to reports, Omicron exhibits milder symptoms than other variations. While the symptoms of Delta and …

COVID-19 Rapid Testing at Home: Roche and CovClear Antigen Self Test Got Authorized by Health Canada

Roche and CovClear Antigen Self Test got authorized by Health Canada under interim order. Individuals can use the rapid test kits to test …